[SHRFF] Call for Entry: Seoul Human Rights Film Festival in South Korea

[SHRFF] Call for Entry: Seoul Human Rights Film Festival in South Korea

Dear director and distribution,


We are SHRFF(Human Rights Film Festival in South Korea).

Here is the official announcement film entry call for SHRFF in May, 2018.

Please fill the attached submission form and send us e-mail via hrffseoul@gmail.com.


Submission Form: https://goo.gl/uYjGv7

Submission Terms&Guideline: https://goo.gl/pTnYMC



Since its inception in 1996, Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (SHRFF) has continued and is currently preparing for the 23rd festival, which will be held in May 2018. The festival aims to raise public awareness of human rights issues through film. It is a highly anticipated event that screens excellent films from all over the world, presenting human rights issues in diverse ways. Film selection criteria are based on artistic completion and, above all, sincerity in dealing with human rights issues, irrespective of genre, format and length.

Of the various aims and achievements of SHRFF, it may be said that the expansion and practice of Freedom of Expression has been the most important and challenging one thus far. South Korea's film industry, artistic community, and civil society in general continue to function beneath repressive censorship regulations and structures, including the notorious National Security Law, which has been brutally enforced for over 50 years.

Despite regulations that require preliminary review, rating, and state approval before public screening, SHRFF has refused to apply for state permission to present its films. Since 1996, the festival has shown about 600 films, all of which have been screened without preliminary submission to ratings authorities. We have continued this practice with fierce conviction, despite the pressure to submit to authority review, as well as coercive state actions such as the SHRFF director's arrest in 1997. In a society where the vast majority of films are screened for commercial, rather than social justice or educative purposes, SHRFF is dedicated to presenting films that challenge oppressive norms, political power, and human rights abuses. 


Numerous excellent documentaries, in particular, have been presented to Korean audiences in the last decade. Please find information on how to participate below. We look forward to your response!




• 23rd Seoul Human Right Film Festival takes place in Seoul, Korea in 2018.

• Specific date will be announced by April 2018.

• Seoul Human Right Film Festival is first established in 1996, as non­profit human right activism organization. SHRFF is totally independent from any government or companies’supports.



• SHRFF is based on human rights activism not only a film festival.

• SHRFF invites people to the scenes of human rights violations all over the world, to the lives of people fighting for human rights, and to the issues that every human being should pay attention to.

• Scouting for various images for human rights is one of the missions of Seoul Human Rights Film Festival. We hope that SHRFF can cultivate new moving image culture for humanity and contribute to cultural diversity in society while we challenge the overly commercialized film industry today.

• Seoul Human Rights Film Festival refuses any censorship of films. ‘Freedom of Expression’is one of the most fundamental human rights. SHRFF aims to help establish a society that accepts and embraces differences, thereby, all of the minority groups in society can make their voice heard.



• Films that provide insight into human rights issues.

• All genres including fiction, documentary, animation and experimental film can be accepted.

• Film selection criteria are based on artistic completion and, above all, sincerity in dealing with human rights issues, irrespective of genre, format and length.



• No entry fee is charged.

• All entries should be sent via online screener. If you could not upload the film, send us 3 disk of DVD by February 20, 2018(received). Please don't send any downloadable files to us.

- Festival Address: (03744) 5-5, Dongnimmun-ro 8an-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

• Screener should contain subtitle, especially all non-­English language films must be subtitled in English.

• How to Submit:

- For International, please submit via hrffseoul@gmail.com.

- Please note that submission will be considered complete only when both a completely filled­out entry form and preview link, or DVD to be delivered to the festival office.

• SHRFF does not return the received material after submission.

• In case of showing material, SHRFF can make a digital copy of the film with Korean subtitles for the festival screening. The copy will be strictly maintained in the festival office.



• Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in the submission being disqualified.

• These regulations are subject to change without prior notice.