4th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (1999)

4th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (1999)

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4th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (1999)
1999/11/26 (Fri) to 1999/12/02 (Thu)
Dongguk University


The fourth annual human rights film festival was held at the [Academy & Culture Hall] at Dongguk University. From November 26th to December 2nd, 14 domestic films and 29 international films were shown in 53 screenings. Among these films, the opening film [All Power to the People], and [Escobar's Own Goal], [Socoro Nobre-Life is Somewhere Else], [Sorrow and Pity], [Cell Animation], [Red Hunt2], [Mindullae], [The sad story Grandmother], [Tropical Nights] received the most attention from the festival participants. [All Power to the People] is an excellent film that calmly ruminates the facts of the "Black Panther" party and exposes the vicious racial discrimination of the U.S.

The biggest trend of this year's film festival was the "rapid growth of Korean films" and the audience also showed an increased interest in Korean films. The second installment of documentaries from Hanee Production exposing the truth of "April 3rd Cheju Uprising,"[Red Hunt2] attracted a lot of attention even before the opening of the festival. Another film that deals with the Cheju Uprising is [The sad story of Grandmother] which documents the tragic life of Jin Ah-young Halmuhni (Grandmother), a victim of the government crackdown of Cheju Uprising. The makers of this film, '4.3. Documentary Production' is currently making a series of films like [The sad story of Grandmother] that documents the lives of Cheju Uprising victims.

This year, the Human Rights Film Festival presented its first "Human Rights Film Award" to [Tropical Nights], which documented the '98 mass personnel cut of Hyundai Motors. This film was made by Lee Gun Ho, who himself lost his job due to "restructuring" of Pusan Korean Broadcasting Service. This one-man production was shot during the two months that Lee lived with the workers of Hyundai who staged a campaign opposing the personnel cut of Hyundai Motors.

There were several activities accompanying the film screenings at this year's film festival. First, the campaign for the release of Mumia Abu Jamal was held throughout the festival and festival participants were asked to write protest postcards to the American Embassy.


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