10th Shuriff: Human Rights of Asian People (2006)

10th Shuriff: Human Rights of Asian People (2006)

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10th Shuriff: Human Rights of Asian People (2006)
2006/05/06 (Sat) to 2006/05/13 (Sat)
Seoul Art Cinema, Hwang-sae-ul


'The 10 years of Shuriff, Resisting screen never be off!'

With the desire, 'to be survived', of one visitor on the 1st festival, Shuriff screened films and resistance, passing numerous crisises. From the 1st to 9th festival, totally 308 films were shown in 21,251 minutes.

The 10th festival run from May 6th to 13th in Seoul and on 14th in Daechuri, Pyung-taek. Theme of this festival was 'Human Rights of Asian People'. Asia is regarded as countries of tourism and investment, development and poverty. Therefore we planned to see the situation of Asian people. The festival showed war and conflict, poverty and discrimination in Asian countries such as China, Burma, and Bangladesh.

We also prepare to re-screen the popular films ever screened in last 10 Shuriffs. And the closing ceremony of this festival took place at Hwang-sae-ul, Pyung-taek, where suffering from U.S. Army.


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