20th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival: Remember, Do (2015)

20th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival: Remember, Do (2015)

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20회 서울인권영화제 기억, 하다 포스터
2015/05/15 (Fri) to 2015/05/17 (Sun)
서울 마로니에공원(야외), 다목적홀(지하)
기억, 하다
개막작 No Lullaby | Helen Simon | Germany
폐막작 A Letter from the Sea 2 | Coalition 4.16 on the Sewol Ferry Disaster | Korea

슬로건: 기억, 하다


There are painful memories that we only wish to rid of. There are memories we wish to ignore because we deem them as “your” stories. Those memories only remain as “mine” or “yours”. And such lonesome memories are soon blurred and forgotten.



However, some memories are never to be forgotten this way. Or some can never be forgotten at all. At that point we wonder, how do we remember which memories? What should we do to remember in such way? The comma between “Remember” and “Do” refers to the time and spatial rest we need, to select which memories to remember, reflect on how to remember, and determine which action to pursue in order to remember in such way.


Remember, Do

Do you remember enough what happened in April 16, 2014, in Fukushima and Milyang, those who resist capital, and stories of people in many other places? We hope that memories will not linger in just one person, just few people. that many people will create and share memories together, that a bigger action will be born, that even more people will remember even more memories for even longer periods.

The 20th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival “Remember, Do” hopes that human rights films can be an action towards rest to remember memories. Since this is the 20th anniversary, we hope this festival will be a rest for other film festivals in the past as well. We hope that the human rights films that have been featured so far would have also worked towards that rest for the past 20 years.  


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