The festival was created in 1996 by SARANGBANG-Group for Human Rights, one of the most active non-government organizations in Korea. SHRFF is mainly funded by group donations by NGOs and NPOs supporting the objectives of the festival as well as individual donations. A large number of volunteers including students and professionals contribute to organization of the festival each year.



Defending "Freedom of Expression"

Seoul Human Rights Film Festival refuses any censorship of films on account of human rights. The "Right of everyone to freedom of opinion and expression" that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) defines is one of the fundamental human rights. SHRFF aims to achieve a society that agrees and accepts differences, where the minority’s voice is asserted and communicated.


Diffusing Human Rights Sensibility

Seoul Human Rights Film Festival invites you to the scene of violations of human rights all over the world, to the lives of people fighting for human rights and to the problems to be solved by each human being.


Discovering Alternative Films for Human

Prospecting for new images for human being is one of the missions of Seoul Human Rights Film Festival. We hope that it will contribute to challenge commercialization of film making and diversify into new aspects of visual culture.