23rd SHRFF: Uprise, Uproar, Uplift (2018)

23rd SHRFF: Uprise, Uproar, Uplift (2018)

23회 서울인권영화제 포스터
2018/06/06 (Wed) to 2018/06/09 (Sat)
서울 마로니에공원+지하 다목적홀
Uprise, Uproar, Uplift
개막작 The Remnants | KIM Il-rhan,LEE Hyuk-sang | Korea
폐막작 Stitching Palestine | Carol Mansour | Palestine

슬로건: Uprise, Uproar, Uplift

A quiet place for someone

Could be a silent place for another


Silence becomes a firm veil

and covers

Unfinished cries

Desperate struggles

Continued clamours


Silence tells me to

forget the remnants of that day; a truth yet to be discovered

Silence pushes me out from

my home, my space; where my life had dwelled

Silence conceals from the world

my existence, my words; that have always been here



are movements that will become a roar

Right here,

are roars that will lift the veil of silence


As a Memory to be forever remembered,

a Courage to reveal the truth,

a Resistance to protect my space,

an Unfinished fight against the power,

and a Being that continues to seize the day

We uprise


We will not remain as uproars

We will not stop at uplifting the veil


We will meet other uproars

and fill the square with our voices

We will continuously fight in many fronts

and become an uprise to create changes


Once a noise in the world

will become an uproar that can no longer be veiled

We will continue to thrash, until

Every person faces the uproar at last


Let the silence confront us

Uprise, Uproar, Uplift



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