3rd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (1998)

3rd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (1998)

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3rd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival  (1998)
1998/12/01 (Tue) to 1998/12/31 (Thu)
Dongguk University


The 3rd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival, subtitled "Away from Barbarity, Toward Human Rights Protection" commemorating the 50th anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights was held during the human rights week from December 5th to 10th of 1998 in Academic and Cultural Hall of Dongguk University. Twelve thousand people showed up at the 6-day film festival. It drew much attention from the Korean media, which in turn helped spread human rights awareness among the general public. This event was sponsored by SARANGBANG (Group for Human Rights) which has sponsored the previous film festivals as well as by Korea Human Rights Network.

Way before the opening of the 3rd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival, there was much oppression on the part of the Korean government. Many wondered whether the festival could go on as scheduled. One of the values the film festival strongly believes in is freedom of expression. To exercise this inalienable right, the executive committee of the film festival has defied all forms of government censorship from the very beginning. That started the authority's suppression in 1996, and in the following year the 2nd Film Festival was pronounced illegal and the executive committee chair person arrested. Now people's eyes were on the 3rd Film Festival. A total of 35 films from 15 countries made appearances during the 3rd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival. [Rezistans], a 150-minute film about Haiti's struggle for democracy was selected as the opening film, and [Chile: Obstinate Memory] as the closing film. The most popular film was Patricio Guzman's [Battle of Chile]. No seats were left empty while this movie was on.

A new section called "Neo-liberalism and People in Revolt" looking at the global financial crisis from a human rights perspective also appealed to the audience. Under this section eight films were shown including A Place Called Chiapas, a documentary film about the Mexican Zapatista Movement; The Big One, a satirical road documentary film by Michael Moore; Our Friend at the Bank about the 14-month long negotiation between Uganda and World Bank; and En March, a video journal on Euro march.There were other events that entertained the audience.


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